Top 9 Best WooCommerce CRM Solutions for Store Owners

Customers have increasingly become a key to any business’s success. Therefore, tools to manage customers are born to keep track of their relationship with business, coupled with retaining and improving customer services. To be more specific, Customer Relationship Management, or CRM for short, is one of the best tools to ensure good customer management.

There is no denying that CRM solutions have been a special requirement for all store owners in every online platform, especially WooCommerce. So, if you are selling with WooCommerce, it is a must to manage as well as communicate with your consumers on a better and more professional level.

And there exists no alternative, other than CRM, to do this. Follow us in this piece of article, we are delighted to introduce you to the top 9 best WooCommerce CRM solutions for store owners.

What is WooCommerce CRM?

WooCommerce CRM is a kind of plugin to offer the ultimate solution for managing existing customers and prospective ones. With it, the admin can even include sales agents in its store, which helps to manage customers better. Hence, this activity brings about a significant increase in stores’ sales and conversion rates.

Top 9 best WooCommerce CRM solutions for store owners

1. Metrilo

Metrilo has a reputation for being an email marketing, CRM, and all-in-one analytics platform. It assists eCommerce stores in making the best of their data. Its analytics provides a deep insight to enable decisions related to data-driven marketing. On the other hand, email and CRM functionalities offer a chance to act on this information.

It seems that Metrilo was created for WooCommerce. The reason lies in its design which aims at enabling this platform’s analytics to run smoothly. It will be subjected to no painful integration. Let’s explore its key features to understand why it is one of the best WooCommerce CRM solutions for store owners.

Main features:

  • A perfect combination of CRM and email marketing

It is an outstanding feature to make Metrilo one of the best WooCommerce CRM solutions. Several unique options involving email marketing are fully optimized. They let your WooCommerce sites send emails in bulk to long-time inactive customers. Moreover, you could apply such filters as order numbers or inactivity periods to identify customer groups.

Email marketing even comprises smart options, including segmentation, personalized emails, automation, and custom domain. Consequently, your WooCommerce stores become more attractive and appealing to buyers.

  • The ability to track a visitor

Known as an effective CRM solution, Metrilo serves the specific needs of all business types. It has a genius for tracking customers when they penetrate your site, then recording their browsing activities. A bonus point is that custom tags are available for your store to differentiate myriad visitor types. As a result, WooCommerce’s profile page comes with explicit information about a customer’s products, orders, and his/her actions.

Besides tracking existing visitors, Metrilo also regains potential consumers who decided to abandon in the middle of their purchasing process. In the meantime, the performance of numerous campaigns and promotions are contents that are tracked by this kind of CRM solution.

  • An overview of the purchasing process

This is also a wonderful feature that makes Metrilo one of the best WooCommerce solutions for store owners. There is nothing quite like having an overall view of how the buying process goes. Hence, you can know more about your store and its weak points. From this, you could immediately take important steps to enhance your performance.

This CRM solution has undoubtedly contributed to great support for WooCommerce to grow better in the current age of developing the internet.

  • A provision of multi-functional analytics area

This multi-functional analytics area goes along with revenue analysis, order statuses, sales funnels, retention analysis, and product performance.


Metrilo allows your WooCommerce store to approach different tools with three independent plans. In each plan, there do not exist limits on emails, data, traffic, and users.

The details of three plans are:

  • Premium plan: It costs $299 for a premium plan which comes with a combination of email, pro plan and feedback from customers.
  • Pro plan: By paying $199, store owners can get a customer database as well as an essential plan with a view of activity live, retention analysis, and individual profiles.
  • Essential plan: With $119 per month, the Essential plan includes product insights, a dashboard, and eCommerce analytics.

2. Agile CRM

It is easy as a pie to integrate Agile CRM into all eCommerce websites or platforms. However, its specific product is designed exclusively for WooCommerce. Popularly known as an all-in-one CRM solution, Agile CRM works best in all fields regardless of service, marketing, sales, or even integrations.

This cloud-based software pays a concentration on social media, marketing, integrating sales, customer management, and so on. Thus, it creates a central hub for marketing, analytics, and customer reports. It is similar to Metrilo in the way it is particularly designed to integrate with WooCommerce. That is why that kind of plugin is useable on multiple eCommerce platforms such as Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce.

Main features:

  • An all-in-one CRM to manage customers:

Why is it all-in-one? Because it automates service, marketing, and sales in just one platform. Furthermore, it provides useful tools for efficient workflow implementation and customer management. Thus, customer engagement is perfectly ensured.

WooCommerce’s store owner also attains a golden opportunity to gather all customers’ necessary information. Then, you could put customers into different categories in accordance with tags, thereby performing myriad bulk actions.

What a powerful CRM solution for your WooCommerce store! Its dashboard offers you a chance to sync the data like contact, fetch information on social media, and even add plenty of tasks or events for customers. Especially, Agile CRM also prevents your site from leaking data as well as enabling consistent messaging.

  • Cutting-edge features with smart campaigns

We can be sure that you will be keen on this CRM solution thanks to its innovative features with supportive behavior-based campaigns. It is such a giant benefit if you can launch efficient and well-ordered plans for each of your campaign’s conditions and stages.

Because of these features, you are able to catch up with existing shoppers, lessen the rate of cart abandonment, provide alluring holiday campaigns, and enhance special seasonal offers.

  • No requirement of any extra pop-up plugin

Once your WooCommerce store starts with Agile CRM, you do not have to rely on any extra pop-up plugin. By virtue of amazing integrated options, you will display designed pop-ups such as checkout, category page, or product pages on separate pages. Additionally, you could even add noteworthy offers, promotions, and coupons on its pop-ups.

  • An incorporated activity tracker

Like Metrilo, Agile CRM is useful for tracking consumers’ browsing activity. As you get to understand customers deeper, you can customize specific offers to their usage and interest. Therefore, there will be a crucial incrementation in the site conversion. And you could receive immediate notifications for innumerable events which have happened on your site.

  • Monitor potent social media activities

WooCommerce’s store owners can keep an eye on their brand activities on the feeds of social media. One of them is to sending personalized SMS to users’ mobile


Everything is at its best while the price is affordable. The package for starters is $8.99 each month, whereas the popular option costs $29.99.

3. HubSpot

HubSpot is created with the mission to grow your business in better ways. Founders of HubSpot believe that any business could be successful with a conscience and develop with a truthful soul. Accordingly, they have invented an ecosystem that unites the community, education, and software to boost the advancement of each business day by day.

An interesting point involves the existence of HubSpot’s CRM. This is exclusively for WooCommerce with an easy and quick connection. Then, you can sync products, orders, and consumers of your WooCommerce stores to HubSpot’s CRM. This is to say, you can make use of numerous sales and marketing tools via this platform.

At the contemporary time, its inbound movement keeps empowering thousands of online stores all over the world. HubSpot has helped to return concentration on consumers, start helping, sharing, and stop interrupting.

Main features:

There are countless advantages you can take from this CRM solution. So, take no hesitation to connect it to your WooCommerce site to expand its growth.

  • Easy-to-use and free features

A lot of online tools claim that they are free. Nevertheless, they come out with limited functionalities. We confirm that it is not true with this solution: HubSpot CRM. By supplying various outstanding features, this platform is completely free and user-friendly.

Moreover, customizable data, along with automated tasks lend a helping hand to boost sales of your WooCommerce store. Whether your budget is low or high, you can customize it to meet your specific needs and implement multiple integrations with different systems and apps for further enhancement.

  • Real-time update and unlimited customization

It is believed that this feature makes HubSpot CRM for WooCommerce stand out of the crowd. Because it goes together with unlimited customization, every business might customize what they want to suit their brand. Hence, store owners can boost the sales process to sell smarter and faster.

A wonderful thing is its real-time update for synchronization each 10 minutes. This means your store is utilizing the most updated information; thus, you can provide better engaging users’ experience.

  • Track communication well

It is usual for your salesperson to keep track of different calls, messages, and offers. And, admittedly, they can be tired doing these documentations to reach out to the stores’ potential customers. Do not worry! HubSpot CRM is here to aid you in giving direct emails to your clients or supervising any communication with consumers. What is more, the mode of recording phone calls is available for upcoming reference. It is extremely cool to have this!

  • Social media connection

There are rarely free-of-charge CRM solutions that can provide your WooCommerce store the integration level that you want. With HubSpot CRM, businesses could strengthen their relationship as well as uplift their reach by the close and quick integration with such social media as Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

On account of that, potential customers’ profile information could be pulled from them to your sales team. And they can learn about clients’ interests; thus, making impressive progress in highly engaging them.

  • Website incorporation

You will get a notification when your site is visited. It could be useful to see which pages leads have visited. Then, you can know what they want and sell your product to them immediately.

4. Ninjodo

Ninjodo is developed as one software company to specialize in a focused and clean CRM with no confusion of heftier or clutter programs. It aims to serve small and medium enterprises with the benefits of boosting sales, simplifying emails, providing good organization, and managing contacts.

With Ninjodo, you can perform integrations with such products as Xero, Twitter, Facebook, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Gmail, and so on.

Main features:

  • Automatic synchronization

As one of the best CRM solutions for WooCommerce, Ninjodo will automatically sync your orders and customers from this platform. And trackable information works great to identify delivery workflows as well as observe real-time orders.

Excellent automation tools even send automatic emails, including cross-sell or upsell emails, analyze customers’ behavior and orders, segment them with tags, and construct the whole automated workflow.

  • An easy-to-use and streamlined software

This kind of software totally wins users’ hearts as it is among the easiest CRM solutions for WooCommerce. It is not only clean but also modern with no extra features. Everything is streamlined from the overall progress, and products to contacts and deals. This helps WooCommerce’s store owners can singly target at accomplishing goals, not become stuck in dull business bits.

Do you know that if you make up your mind to go with Ninjodo, you can manage the CRM entirely from your mobile app.? This app looks easily digestible and well-structured, with everything on only one page.

  • Well-designed and impressive dashboard

An organized and attractive dashboard is useful in helping users navigate easily. On the whole, the CRM solution is well-known for its awe-inspiring how-to videos, detailed guides, and live chat support.

  • Possibilities to integrate with numerous platforms

As previously mentioned, you can execute tons of integrations with many other online platforms, encompassing MondoTalk, Google Drive, Xero Accounting, and so on. From this incorporation, you may reap millions of benefits to growing your online stores.

  • Diverse plan

Ninjodo comes with a diverse plan that includes capture forms, engagement forms for clients, and email templates.

Ninjodo pricing:

The free trial is not applied when it comes to Ninjodo. Instead, it offers plenty of outstanding CRM features by following some monthly or yearly paid plans.

Ninjodo comes with three pricing plans as below:

  • Growth: It promises to help your business achieve the revenue goal of $100k with 5000 contacts and for 1 user. In this phase, the software proposes simple forms, cart pages, as well as workflows. The merchant fee is especially great, which accounts for 2.9%. You can choose a monthly package with $79/month or a yearly package with $65/month.
  • Automation: Your WooCommerce store could reach a revenue goal of from $300 to $500k if you pay a monthly package of $99 or a yearly package of $75. What you can get is 25,000 contacts with one user, along with automated workflows and advanced forms. It is exciting to know that the merchant fee is only 2.6%.
  • Scale: The more you pay, the more benefits you attain. By paying $399/month (monthly package) or $299/month (yearly package), your revenue goal is over $1 million with 5 users, and up to 100,000 contacts. Moreover, workflows, cart pages, and advanced forms are additional benefits. Especially, you are in charge of a merchant fee of only 2.3%.


WP ERP is famous for being one free plugin for not only large companies but also small ones with effective CRM solutions. It supplies users a set of WordPress-specific models: one for CRM functionalities, and the other for Accounting and HRM solutions. In each module, everything is unlimited, so you could create a lot of entries.

If you are fond of getting a unique experience in controlling businesses independently with a reliable system and storage record, reach out to WP ERP CRM to work with your WooCommerce stores.

Main features:

  • Nurture potential customers

With WP ERP, you will be good at managing your contacts thanks to functionalities such as easy filters, meeting schedules, live stages, segment and task creation, or sending emails. Then, there is no need to worry about how you could complete your customer management.

WP ERP is here to handle your business’s representatives and customers. An extension of up to 22 crucial filters helps you create diverse lists of consumers by putting them into segmentation. Your task is to save these lists to send newsletters or emails. Then, you could reach out to potential customers and turn them from fresh leads to regular buying consumers.

  • A facilitation of the overall buying process

Available in 44 currencies, this is one of the best WooCommerce CRM solutions for store owners with specific determined features to capture an overview of the buying process. Store owners could view every transaction as well as orders finished by WooCommerce. The Accounting and CRM module lets you do that.

  • Trackable information

It would be great to track all information of visitors and consumers to your WooCommerce stores. Obviously, this CRM solution makes it easier for CRM agents to witness your customer logs from the profile of your contacts. It comprises all customers’ actions on your website.

  • An automatic export of new customers

While you are required to export newly registered consumers to your contact list manually, WP ERP helps you perform it. It automatically exports the profile of new customers to its contact list.

Furthermore, the solution provides a simple dashboard, powerful tools, as well as logical navigation. As a result, it has a close connection to the WordPress dashboard, offering valuable insights into all aspects of managing your store.


Initially, using WP ERP could be free of charge; however, you need the Pro subscription if you wish to access its extensions. Its free versions include major features for managing your business’s basics. The price for WP ERP can start at around $149.00 each year for 1 user.

Besides, its plugin consists of three different pricing plans. Hence, keep scrolling and choose functionalities that suit your needs.

  • Starter license: By paying $149 each year, you can enjoy a package of wonderful SMS notification, MailChimp sync, HubSpot sync, document manager, and support sync.
  • Essential license: It costs $399 per year to own this license. This includes all features that the Starter license has. Additionally, it also comes with Custom Field, HelpScout sync, Gravity Forms, and so on.
  • Business package: It is the highest CRM plan which costs $599. The business package comprises all features in smaller ones. Moreover, its extension involves great integration with Zendesk, Workflow, and WooCommerce.

6. Zero BS CRM

Among WordPress CRMs, Zero BS CRM ranks as the fastest and most simple one. It is the WordPress-CRM system that is set up as one WordPress plugin. It offers users a comprehensive CRM system right from the admin dashboard. What store owners can get is the possibility to control customer relationships, make more revenue, and ensure a more pleasant business relation.

Main features:

  • Easy and effective customer management

Zero BS CRM is probably the simplest WordPress plugin for your site. Once you install it, you can have full control over your data. Its out-of-the-box and key features provide you with attachments, quotes, and tools to manage customers.

You could always keep customers’ information up to date. Or, in case you want to contact them, put in some notes, tag them, or attach some kinds of documents, this CRM solution lets you do it.

  • Flexibility

While some other CRM solutions require store owners to work on desktops, Zero BS CRM stands out of the crowd thanks to its flexible features with working on both phones and tablets. Also, being intuitive, simple, quick, and familiar enables it to be one of the best WooCommerce CRM solutions currently.

In addition, with ZBS, you could even create your self-hosted CRM that will use WordPress. Hence, keeping customers’ information in only one place is now easy as a pie. There is nothing better than keep your leads as well as customers in control directly from this WordPress site.

As a result, there is no need to depend on any other business to seek help for your data management.

  • Turn off unwanted stuff

This CRM solution is becoming more and more popular with WooCommerce store owners because it is quite adaptable. You decide to turn off some CRM parts that are not useful for you. Alongside, turning off stuff that you feel redundant or do not need within the CRM core. Then, you can save a lot.


Zero BS delivers core features without paying. Nevertheless, if you wish to use advanced features, you could get the paid version which starts at approximately $5.4 each month. It includes four pricing levels: reseller plan, elite plan, entrepreneur plan, and freelance one. The details will be shown below:

  • Reseller plan: You need to pay $5.4 monthly per site and you have the permission to penetrate all extensions of this CRM solution.
  • Elite plan: It costs you $30 monthly for one site and you could access every extension of Zero BS CRM.
  • Entrepreneur plan: With $11 each month for one site, WooCommerce store owners could get entry into all extensions as well.
  • Freelancer plan: This package costs you $11 monthly per site and there is access to four CRM extensions.

7. ReadyCloud CRM

Take your WooCommerce site to the next level with ReadyCloud CRM . As a world-class CRM software, ReadyCloud has undoubtedly powered your relationships with consumers. It can create amazing things for your online store by importing all orders, along with customer profiles instantly from your order data.

Likewise, its integrated features also provide you an opportunity to understand consumers deeper, thereby enriching your data of customers’ profiles.

Main features:

  • Functionally integrated dashboard

This integrated dashboard lets you observe the orders in view. You can take advantage of ReadyCloud to gain insight from every channel, updated real-time, order timeline, and shipping & returns reports. These data will be used to fine-tune your customer relationships. From that, you could reinforce stronger and more influenced marketing messages to resonate with customers.

  • A provision of detailed order information

You will not find any other marketplace dashboard or shopping cart which offer order detail. And, ReadyCloud is the one to perform it. By getting to know your consumers better, you know how to customize everything from products, sites, to customer services. Order details this CRM solution offers are tagging, notes, invoice, return information, tracking number, and shipping timeline.

  • Cross-channel functionality

Cross-channel functionality is another first-rate feature you could utilize if you decide to go with ReadyCloud CRM. This means you can connect with other platforms, including Amazon and eBay.

  • Helpful in-view functions

Do you know that you can reap the benefits of this CRM solution to construct tasks and events, take notes, view contacts, and so on? You can create tons of tasks, then you will assign them to your team members. Those tasks will send alerts involving a real-time dashboard and set crucial due dates.

What is more, it allows you to import order data to create specific customers’ profiles, add notes, learn customers’ trends, and raise customer services.

  • Email integration

Not many CRM solutions have email integrations, but ReadyCloud does that. They let users execute integrations with Constant Contact, MailChimp, and many more.


You can start a complimentary trial for two weeks with no requirement for credit cards. And after this trial, it costs you $24 per month per user. This plan includes standard integrations, reporting, order notes, contacts, order import, cross-channel order visibility, tasks & events, and more.

8. Sales AutoPilot

One more not-to-be-missed CRM solution to boost your WooCommerce store is Sales AutoPilot . It has built-in technology, assisting the integration process with WooCommerce. The software is developed as marketing automation with the ability to convert and capture new leads, connect closely with buyers, as well as yield loyal repetitive shoppers.

Main features:

  • Built-in marketing tools and multi-channel

Marketing tools play an indispensable role in the activity of boosting any business. The CRM system of Sales AutoPilot proposes useful marketing tools for tracking customers’ information. It comes with a special tool for building membership websites with several access levels as well as full integration into the marketing system.

With this CRM system, you could create better experiences for consumers by sending in-app messages, targeted emails, postcards, or SMS. Also, subscribers are allowed to opt-in with one keyword. Then, it is easy to notify your new products to active customers.

  • Performance optimization

Set a target for your journey to have a deep understanding of which messages could convert. Know which journey is trending to track the performance in your real-time. Next, you should run some A/B experiments; thereby, enabling quick optimization based on the test results.


Autopilot takes users on three pricing levels:

  • Silver Plan: By paying $49 each month, you can enjoy a package of 2,000 contacts, coupled with unlimited emails. Moreover, you can get access to round-the-clock support and help in need.
  • Gold Plan: This package costs you $149 every month with 5,000 contacts as well as unlimited emails. Knowledge base, online training, support tickets, and 24-hour live chat are additional benefits.
  • Platinum Plan: There is no denying that the platinum package comes with tons of benefits. With a price of $249 per month, you can immerse yourself in 10,000 contacts, along with unlimited emails. And you could also get a knowledge base, online training, multi-channel journeys, Zapier integration, and so on.

9. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign has a reputation for a powerful CRM system that concentrates on personalization across chat & text, emails, social, and messaging. The development of this automation platform was based on the customer-oriented idea in which a wonderful consumer experience will go beyond traditional marketing tools. This is to say, the journey with ActiveCampaign delivers high-touch and personalized experiences.

Main features:

  • Track buyers’ interest

The key to reinforcing stronger customer relationships is to know their preferences, interests, and behaviors. These factors contribute to a better insight into the lifecycle of customers. As a result, store owners could create a deeper segmentation as well as more efficient outreach.

  • Multi-channel functions

There is nothing quite like having the right target at consumers. So, with ActiveCampaign, you could send targeted messages to your right audiences. Hence, it saves time for approaching potential customers.

  • Conditional content

Thanks to the conditional content, you could alter your content dynamically for each contact basis. Let’s take a simple example, you can show different texts or images in just one email, which is based on the way a contact will be tagged and which pages of a site customers could view.

  • Seamless automation tools

The automation tools of ActiveCampaign are extended to CRM so that a transition between marketing and sales is seamless. A similar automation tool could be effectively leveraged in the course of its marketing process. And this is useful in automating various tasks while the selling process takes place.

  • Event tracking

In addition to customers’ behavior tracking ability, ActiveCampaign also provides up-to-date CRM solutions for WooCommerce with event tracking. Now, you have a chance to communicate detailed actions that your contacts took to ActiveCampaign.


ActiveCampaign pricing ranges from four levels:

  • Lite package: You need to pay $9 each month to get started with ActiveCampaign. Lite plan provides basic marketing and email marketing automation functionality. Three users, email & chat support, subscription forms, newsletter sending, and unlimited sending are extra benefits from this pricing level.
  • Plus package: This plan costs you $49 per month to unlock CRM, integration with such tools as Facebook and Shopify. What is more, you can also boost your customer relationship thanks to CRM with Sale automation, Landing pages, integrations, SMS marketing, customers user permissions, as well as dynamic content.
  • Professional package: With a price of $129 for each month, you can increase your level by adding advanced marketing functions, including Site Attribution & Messaging, or Predictive Sending. From that, the ability to create a more personalized experience for consumers is now a piece of cake.
  • Enterprise package: By paying $220 per month, this plan will make most of your business grow. You could enjoy priority support as well as one-on-one consultation.

Why should we use CRM?

If you are developing your WooCommerce stores, you will identify that you can not work without a CRM platform. It is alive to keep all data related to customer relationship management in only one place. That is why this article is born to help you keep track of the best WooCommerce CRM solutions for store owners. Before going into details about which one is the best for you, let’s learn a bit about why we should use CRM.

1. Trustworthy reporting

Data carries weight in any business. It will not be useful until it is cleaned, analyzed, and sorted. In this case, a CRM system facilitates the process of going deeper with your metrics and data. It helps to organize, tabulate, and collate data, making it easy for interpreting with your report features.

More than that, you can also view who is interacting with your store. Particularly, you can see a lead who fills in the form on your landing page successfully after identifying any ads on his/her social media.

2. Visual dashboard

CRM has an advantage over other systems in the area of customer relationship management. It could showcase your data visually by displaying what is important and presenting data in a graphic way.

CRM system helps WooCommerce store owners create a dashboard, fitting each individual of your business who could log in their credentials for this CRM platform.

3. Automated and Personalized outreach

With a CRM solution, you will potentially categorize customers who share the importance of resemblance and their interest in one niche product. It also allows store owners to set up plenty of automation emails that will communicate to a specific audience and are specifically triggered by actions.

Who is the winner?

The market of CRM solutions seems increasingly crowded. And that is the reason for the list of top 9 best WooCommerce CRM solutions for store owners to be born with main features and pricing for your reference. However, we might doubt that you still have some consideration and hesitation, so we aim at breaking down several situations for you to choose one among the others.

  • Metrilo: If your WooCommerce store is looking for out-of-the-box email marketing infused with CRM, Metrilo is a must.
  • Agile CRM: This solution is suitable for businesses with one free plan which are for 10 users. Small sized enterprises should think carefully with this CRM.
  • Ninjodo: This makes it perfect for small businesses thanks to its beautiful interfaces.
  • ReadyCloud CRM: It would be great if you choose ReadyCloud CRM for offloading your WooCommerce site’ work. Moreover, you could also make use of its cross-channel function for WooCommerce integrations.
  • Sales Autopilot: This kind of WooCommerce CRM brings about an adjustable pricing plan. Hence, if you wish not to pay much money, but still offer enough features and support, Sales Autopilot is a smart choice.


Hope that you all could find this piece of article helpful. Feel free to spread the word to those who are looking for a perfect CRM solution for their WooCommerce stores. Read it and not be in two minds anymore; just get one of these CRM solutions to uplift your WooCommerce stores quickly and effectively.

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