How to Remove the Password Reset, change option from WordPress

If you are interested in how to change or remove the password option in the drop WordPress, the answer is actually very simple. The owner of the website must accomplish this by means of his electronic mailbox.

This article clearly shows how you can perform this process step by step, without putting this much effort.

How you can change or remove the password and what all this have to do?

There are many different options. If people decide to activate user registration on their own website when they decide to change or remove the password, the user can automatically restore all previous passwords.

Despite this, there are situations where the owner does not know how to reset or remove the password for some of the users on his own site.

If you made an account on time for some categories of users and created a demonstration version of the site, which can enter everyone, they can carry out this operation with the help of a demonstration of their own name and password.

The simplest and best solution is to simply remove the link, in order to continue to make removal of the password.

Considering these facts, let us shall discuss in more detail how you can play the password removal option in the simplest way. But there are people who by virtue of their experience may initially know the URL of the page for further access to reset your password on the site.

The password can either change or delete permanently full.

The first way to turn off or reset the password is the plug-in.

The second method is by using the plugin is considered to be more popular and simplistic. The plugin allows you to play off the password reset option for some specific categories of users, or all together at once.

Employing plug, the owner of the site can easily monitor and perform a password reset feature for regular users, and for other categories of people.

Initially, it will be necessary to do the installation and activation of Plainview. This is done in order to protect the plug-in password.

In order to more thoroughly acquainted with the removal of a password change process should be the owner of the website will read step by step instructions carefully.

After activating the plug-in, you should visit the site in the section of Settings, after that go to Protection of Internet passwords page. This is done in order to adjust the plug-in parameters.

How does the password protection settings?

You just need to choose the role of a single user or a separate category of users to limit their opportunities to change or delete the password.

There are also various options to release a separate category of users. This feature is considered to be the most useful because you can do disabling password reset option for all categories of users other than yourself.

Upon completion of this process, do not forget to press the save button changes, so that you have already been a hundred percent sure that you are automatically saved all required settings.

Look on the work of the plug-in, you can go to the site in WordPress, then you should click on the link Forgot password. It will reveal you a page where you can reset the password setting and try to login with the new user name and e-mail box, which does not have password reset options.

In front of your eyes will pop up a message stating that an error has occurred, that is, you cannot change your password, because it is not permitted to make users.

It is also possible to make the change or delete the password manually. But people who are beginners in this field is better not to carry out this process on their own.

At the end of the password change process, be sure to save all changes. Actually, that’s all you need to know about deleting and changing the password on the site in WP.

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