How to Integrate with WooCommerce

Because most eCommerce companies today cater to foreign clients, providing them with a variety of payment alternatives is essential. Users prefer security when it comes to payments, in addition to the range of alternatives. Authorize.Net is a good option for this. Authorize.Net, along with PayPal and Stripe, is one of the most popular payment gateways for small and mid-sized enterprises.

In this article, let’s explore How to integrate with WooCommerce to upgrade your online store.

Reasons to integrate with WooCommerce

Furthermore, Authorize.Net specializes in small and medium-sized businesses, and being part of Visa Inc, it has one of the world’s most comprehensive security systems. Add Authorize.Net to WooCommerce for a variety of reasons:

  • Allows consumers to pay in a variety of ways, which reduces cart abandonment.
  • Offers a safe environment for your clients’ transactions.
  • Fraud prevention is second-to-none, featuring numerous effective filters such as IP Filters, Velocity Filters, Shipping Filters, and more
  • Customer information management (CIM) does more than just store data; it also makes PCI DSS (payment card industry standards) compliance easier.
  • With the aid of ARB, monthly recurring or installment payments are possible (Automated Recurring Billing)
  • It can also assist customers with updating card data in their CIM profiles and ARB subscriptions.

How to integrate with WooCommerce using ELEX Authorize.Net Payment Gateway

The finest free plugin for this purpose is ELEX Authorize.Net Payment Gateway. This plugin not only accepts all major credit and debit cards, but it also has a safe, simple, and quick credit card processing stage. Customers never have to leave your site during the checkout process, which is even better. ELEX offers a free version as well as paid subscriptions starting at $79 for one site.

Step 1: Install and Activate ELEX

Let’s start by installing and activating the plugin. On the official website, you may get the free version. Simply complete the relevant fields and click “Download” to get the product.

Then, on your WordPress dashboard, click on Plugins > Add New to upload and activate the file. Then go to WooCommerce > Settings and look under the Payments tab for the Authorize.Net settings. Save the modifications after activating the Authorize.Net eCheck and Authorize.Net Card options.

Step 2: Configure Authorize.Net Card

It’s time to set up the Authorize.Net Card after you’ve enabled the Authorize. Net services. So, click Manage next to the Authorize.Net Card option on the Payments tab, and you’ll find two checkboxes to activate Authorize.Net Card and Authorize.Net Overview. Tick the first checkbox to enable safe payment options in your store. On the other hand, the Overview option is optional. It allows you to quickly collect or refund money, but it’s only accessible on premium subscriptions.

It’s now time to decide which card kinds you’ll accept on your website. To do so, go to the Show Preferred Cards box and pick the card kinds you wish to see. Authorize.Net will create a logo for each card you add and show it on the checkout page. ELEX displays all choices by default, so you just need to turn off the ones you don’t want to see.

After that, you must create a user account. So, copy your API Login ID and Transaction Key and paste them into the Authentication section’s relevant boxes.

Configure Authorize.Net Card

If you are on a premium plan, you can enable the CVV number. On credit cards, you’ll find the Card Verification Value.

The structure of the numbers will vary depending on the type of card; for example, it may be: On VISA and MasterCard, this is a three-digit number. On American Express, a four-digit number

Finally, the Transaction settings must be configured. The Preserve card functionality can be enabled here to allow consumers to save their credit card profiles (available only for premium plans).

Choose between Authorize and Capture and Authorize Only for Transaction Type. While the first option allows business owners to collect the money immediately after customers make an order, the second option requires them to travel to another page after authorizing the charges to take the payment. You may also modify the transaction success and failure messages if you are a premium member.

Customers are sent to a payment success page rather than the WooCommerce default payment page when using the Redirect URL premium functionality. Finally, you may enable the debug log to obtain information about the plugin’s problems.

After you’ve chosen all of the settings you want, click Save Changes. That’s it, you’ve integrated Authorize.Net to your WooCommerce store! On your checkout page, the payment choices will now appear like this:

Step 3: Configure Authorize.Net eCheck

Although you’ve previously activated Authorize.Net on your site, we’ll go over a few additional setup choices here. Allow your clients to pay using Checking, Business Checking, or Savings accounts, for example, if you wish to diversify payment choices even further. You’ll be able to take eCheck payments as well, giving your consumers more options for purchasing your items.

To do so, navigate to WooCommerce > Settings > Payments > Authorize.Net eCheck and turn it on. After that, press Manage to access the configuration interface.

It has many of the same capabilities as the Authorize.Net Card, so you may configure it using the information from Step 2. To get started, for example, you will need to provide the Login ID and Transaction Key given by Authorize.Net. Then scroll down to the Account Types section to make your selection. It just shows a Checking account by default, but you may add Business Checking and Savings accounts as seen below.

eCheck has some similarities to Authorize.Net Card, but it also has significant distinctions. The Order Button Wording, for example, lets you modify the default text that appears on the checkout page (premium feature).

After you’ve completed the setup, go to your store to view the results on the front end. On the checkout page, if you’ve enabled the three account types, it’ll look like this.

Apart from payment gateway integration, ELEX has a number of other features. To get the most out of it, we recommend looking through the entire list of features.

How to integrate with WooCommerce using Authorize.Net Payment Gateway by Pledged Plugin

The Authorize.Net Payment Gateway for WooCommerce plugin by PledgedPlugin is another option to connect Authorize.Net with WooCommerce. This is a full-featured application that allows your site to accept credit cards from all around the world. We’ll teach you how to utilize the free version in this part. It also offers pro and corporate options, which start at 79.99 USD for a single site and include many more features.

Step 1: Install and Activate

Let’s start by installing and activating the Authorize.Net WooCommerce Payment Gateway. Go to Plugins > Add New in your WordPress dashboard and input the name. You will see it right away when you look at the first result. After that, click Install Now and Activate. Then you’ll get a notice telling you that you need to set your keys.

Step 2: Set up Authorize.Net

Click the link in the message to set up your Authorize.Net account. You will be prompted for your Public Client Key in addition to the Login ID and Transaction Key that you copied in the Before You Start phase. Go to your Authorize. Net account > Account > Security Settings > Manage Public Client Key to obtain this information.

You will be given a public client key there. After you copy it, it’s time to set up Authorize.Net in your store. So, go back to your WordPress dashboard’s plugin settings page and paste the three items: Login ID, Transaction Key, and Public Client Key.

Make sure Authorize.Net is set to show customization options. You may configure the card types you accept, select to record charges immediately, give consumers Authorize.Net receipts, and more, just like with the ELEX plugin. Save your modifications once you’ve selected all of the choices you desire.

Return to your store when you’ve completed the setup to view the results.

5 Best WooCommerce Plugins

1. ELEX Payment Gateway for WooCommerce

This is one of the finest solutions for integrating payment into your WooCommerce store on the market. You will be able to take credit card and eCheck payments from your clients after you install this plugin. Customers will remain on your site during the whole checkout process, which is one of the most essential benefits of this payment method. You won’t have to deal with the inconveniences of sending clients to a payment gateway and then driving them back to your site.


  • Allows you to take payments from major credit cards on your website, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, and Diners Club.
  • On the checkout page, selectively display credit card logos.
  • Customers can pay using an eCheck.
  • In a single click, you may record payments and handle refunds on this overview page.
  • From the WooCommerce admin or overview page, you can easily manage full and partial refunds.
  • After a successful checkout, redirect customers to a specific page.
  • Subscriptions in WooCommerce are supported.
  • Customers will enjoy a flawless checkout experience thanks to customization possibilities.

Price: 59

2. YITH WooCommerce Payment Gateway

You may choose between two modes when using the plugin to build the checkout experience. You have the option of redirecting them to the payment gateway site or allowing them to finish the checkout process on your own site. Customers can use eCheck payments, which allow them to pay straight from their bank accounts, in addition to credit card payments. For improved clarity, the plugin allows you to offer itemized order data to consumers. Furthermore, the plugin allows for fast refunds, which you can manage in your WooCommerce admin with a single click.


  • Allow consumers to pay using credit cards or eChecks through the payment gateway.
  • Allow customers to choose whether they want to be redirected or stay on your site to complete their purchase.
  • Immediately or later, capture authorized transactions.
  • Send itemized order information to the server for payment, exactly as you would an invoice.
  • Allow users to keep various payment information on your site and set one as the default.

Price: 79.99

3. WooCommerce Advanced Integration Pro

Another plugin that allows you to seamlessly integrate the payment gateway with your WooCommerce store is this one. has verified the plugin, and it uses the new API. With this plugin, you will be able to safely take credit card payments from your clients on your website. Furthermore, you will be able to accept payments and issue refunds directly from your WooCommerce store admin.

Customers have not diverted away from your site throughout the checkout process, thanks to the plugin’s direct checkout experience. For many of your consumers, this will be the preferable experience, and it will minimize cart abandonment on your site. In this case, you will need to acquire an SSL certificate for your website to ensure PCI compliance.


  • Accept payments from all major credit cards from clients all around the world.
  • Payments may be collected later via the WooCommerce store admin.
  • Refunds and voids may be processed directly from the WooCommerce order page.
  • To provide an outstanding client experience, utilize an intuitive user interface.
  • Even WordPress newbies will benefit from the simple installation and setup choices.

Price: 49

4. Payment Terminal

This plugin makes it simple to add the payment option to your WooCommerce store. Customers have two choices for making payments on your business. One option is to manually add a price and description. Another approach is to pre-define the payment service so that consumers may select the appropriate choice from a drop-down menu. You must have an merchant account in order to utilize this option. For PCI compliance, you’ll also need to get an SSL certificate for your website. Additionally, your hosting account must have cURL enabled.


  • Accepts payments using the payment gateway on your website.
  • Allows for recurring billing, which is essential for subscription payments.
  • Validation of credit cards in JavaScript/PHP, as well as a credit card type guesser.
  • Customers and store administrators will get payment confirmation emails containing customer information.
  • Switchback and forth between the live and test environments.

Price: 19

5. Payment Gateway for WooCommerce

This plugin is another safe way to incorporate the payment option into your online business. It’s also quite simple to use. For this to function, you’ll need a merchant account, and you’ll be able to accept credit card payments from all around the world. Installing and configuring this plugin on your WooCommerce store is simple, and even novices can do it.


  • allows you to securely accept credit card payments from anywhere in the globe.
  • Authorize transactions with the intention of capturing them later.
  • From the WooCommerce dashboard, you can easily process refunds.
  • Display the types of credit cards you want to accept for payments on a per-card basis.
  • Subscriptions and pre-orders are supported.

Price: 19.99


ELEX Authorize.Net Payment Gateway and Authorize.Net Payment Gateway are fantastic alternatives if you are just starting an online business or have a small store. Both offer free alternatives and are quite simple to set up. The official Authorize.Net by WooCommerce plugin or the premium edition of ELEX, on the other hand, are your best choices if you have a large online business and want more extensive capabilities.

We hope you will find this topic about How to integrate with WooCommerce essential!

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