How to get WooCommerce Support? Experts, Groups & Community

For any kind of eCommerce platform, the support center is a must which helps the retailers get timely support from the developers. Always does the support come from fixing a bug, not working function, or an error of plugging a new platform in WooCommerce?

In this post, we would love to share the fundamental knowledge about WooCommerce support and How to get WooCommerce support whenever you need either help or an explanation from the platform experts.

What is WooCommerce support?

Firstly, we would like to share a brief description of WooCommerce. WooCommerce is a customizable, open-source eCommerce platform built on WordPress. It is known as the world’s most popular open-source eCommerce solution whose core platform is free, flexible, and amplified by a global community. Moreover, you can get started quickly and make your way with only a few steps. Inclusive with WooCommerce, they have their own Support center to contact when you encounter any problems with your online store.

One important thing you should know is that WooCommerce changes the support policy from time to time. Thus, check it frequently to make sure that you can update the changes in time.

What Support Service covers

WooCommerce solely supports the products sold on Their Support Service includes assistance with Product installations, configuration as well as utility. If you need help during the process of setting up the store or configuring your plugin, you may find the answers by checking the documentation and FAQs of the WooCommerce extension. Then, your questions can be replied to soon, but if it hasn’t happened, you need to submit an email and comment below.

Retired themes are backed up for your store until your subscription ends. If you find a considerable error in the code while using the latest version of all code on your site, you are in a hurry to submit a ticket at WooCommerce Helpdesk immediately.

In case you figure out a bug when running your store, once again, you have to let them know to fix it for fear of influencing your selling operation. Additionally, to speed up the process, you can follow the steps in the Self-help guide from WooCommerce Docs.

What Support Service does not cover

Support Service does not cover your Products supplied by third parties who are not WooCommerce resellers or third-party products and services. They may require you to disable third-party products installed alongside their products before they can assist you.


While it can help you configure our products within the capabilities of each plugin, this platform does not customize our Products or support any Third Party customizations of our Products. Customization changes the way your products look or function relative to how they may make your Products available to you.

If you need customization, WooCommerce developers do their best to offer advice and direct you to appropriate resources. But as mentioned above, they do not take responsibility or endorse third-party solutions for customized products. Third-party services that some customers have found helpful include:

  • WooExperts
  • Codeable

Product support channels

They provide Support Services through their Helpdesk – this can be either Live Chat or Email based support. Furthermore, WooCommerce would not consistently facilitate the support service with any other platforms except the WooCommerce platform.

Depending on the state of your products when a problem occurs, WooCommerce will offer you a live chat option. Specifically, you need to submit a ticket using the Helpdesk to take advantage of their Support Service. Please keep in mind that they only give a hand to you whenever you submit your ticket in both situations. In addition, they ask you to send them your login details in an attempt to get the problem meticulously. In that way, the error will be fixed quickly by discussing it with you one-to-one.

The Helpdesk tickets, and of course, the information you share with them through these Helpdesk tickets, are confidential. Don’t worry because only you and the WooCommerce support team are able to see your ticket.

How to get WooCommerce support

There are two main ways that you can get support for your issues or questions you need to resolve:

  • Helping you yourself
  • Contact WooCommerce support

We beg that most of the retailers cannot solve their own problems when mostly the issues come from the technical stuff relating to the platform system. They are unable to manage themselves, but need help from the support team of their builder website. The following steps are a basic direction for anyone, even a beginner, to get support from them quickly without the confusion of the contact method.

1. Official WooCommerce support

Make sure that you already have an account, from which you can use their support properly. Select “Support” to find your answer as you want to in WooCommerce Docs.

Search the information you need to get help

Read the answers to common questions related to your problem to get a picture of how to resolve it. If you don’t find the information you are looking for, move to the last method – direct support service from the support team in WooCommerce.

Besides the WooCommerce documentary, another resource of WooCommerce support we can find on the website is the WooCommerce blog which contains tons of helpful tips as well as tricks for using WooCommerce.

2. WooCommerce expert support

As for the Help Desk, they now get your support via email, and the tickets are unavailable recently; please get the email address and inform them of your problems with your store template.

Another way to get support service by clicking on “Get support” in the bottom section of the WooCommerce dashboard.

Follow the forum to open a support request correctly.

Verified WooCommerce expert

As for those problems you just can’t solve yourself, WooCommerce offers a special service where you can hire professionals for assistance at a higher level of support. You should search for an expert that matches your criteria and budget.

Besides the Verified WooCommerce Experts, you also hire top WordPress freelance developers to assist you one-to-one.

3. Advanced WooCommerce support

Facebook Group

In terms of advanced WooCommerce support, there are many online resources to find help and support for WooCommerce. However, one of the top resources aside from the WooCommerce official website cannot exclude the WooCommerce Facebook group.

The WooCommerce Facebook group is an official page for anyone from different positions (retailers, wholesalers, employees, developers) or even WooCommerce enthusiasts on Facebook. On this page, people share valuable information or problems to get help. It somehow encourages members to perceive more helpful knowledge about WooCommerce.

Because it is open to join, you can request to participate in the group and receive an Acceptance rapidly. Noticeably, this group is not created for promoting the store or products. If you breach these rules, you could be removed from the group by administrators.

Not most of WooCommerce users know Help & Share – another Facebook group dedicated to WooCommerce. Basically, similar to the official WooCommerce page on Facebook, this is a closed group where you need to request to become a member, but it’s not too hard to get approved.

Help & Share is used to share ideas, ask questions, and connect with other members of the community.

Moreover, it lets you share your products and services if they’re related to WooCommerce, but we suggest that you be an active contributor before soliciting your website.

WooCommerce support by Bluehost

Everyone knows Bluehost because they’re super cheap (just 3 dollars per month). On the other hand, they’ve recently improved tremendously in the last few years. After user complaints, they’ve stepped up their game and started providing a better product with better support.

There’s no doubt they’re highly recommended, and some people just want to know if Bluehost has good support or if it’s terrible. We would like to tell you straight up – although they’re not the best of the best, you’ll be fine if you go with them anyways.

Bluehost Support Pros:

  • 24/7 chat and phone support
  • Large knowledgebase

Bluehost Support Cons:

  • Wait times longer than best-in-class hosts
  • Support agent technical ability is not as high as other hosting companies

4. WooCommerce support community

WooCommerce WordPress community

Actually, the WordPress community is the most straightforward way to get a WooCommerce backup for all your products related to issues. It is a community made by WordPress for their followers to put their questions or problems. Of course, WooCommerce experts or other users can respond to your queries afterward.

Note: All the things related to submission should be compatible with WordPress.

What you need to do are:

  • Go to forums
  • Support tab
  • Search Topic or create your topic
  • Ask your query

When you submit your issue, you should know what you want to ask, and you can create a group yourself if your problem has not been discovered yet. For example, you create a group including 4 or 8 users who have the same problem as yours. Now, you and others can put issues in this group.

WooCommerce forums

There is a free WooCommerce plugin that you can download on the WordPress platform to get support for basic help. Yes, we are talking about WooCommerce forums.

This forum is actively managed and controlled by professionals who developed the plugin. From the WooCommerce forum, you can find answers from other people who have posted the same questions like yours on the forum.

In case you don’t find an answer to your question, then you had a better register and submit a question to receive the answer clearly and directly.

Reddit forum

Reddit forum is an online community platform that is suitable for WooCommerce support in an active manner. Probably, it is the best way to take technical advice from WooCommerce developers.

Unfortunately, you cannot find basic-level solutions in this WooCommerce Reddit forum, but skilled or pro-level solutions solely. On the other hand, once you join this forum, all information is protected by Reddit, thus you won’t see any promotional posts on the screen.

Slack community

Slack – a business committee platform consists of chat rooms where the user accounts can ask their curiosities and get a satisfying answer to those problems.

The aim of building this community platform is to make the work simpler and more productive via convenient features. Therefore, there is no doubt that most businesses use Slack to discuss or communicate in terms of work, projects or even personal tasks both nationally and internationally.

Various features of the Slack platform:

  • Message any business community directly if you have an account on Slack
  • Explore different channels and communities related to your business
  • Easy to use search tool so you can find answers to previous discussions

Whether you utilize Slack to communicate with other WooCommerce users or your own team, don’t worry about security since Slack is a safe place by having a robust communication tool.

Quora forum

Quora is the biggest Q & platform that is free to use. It is another potential option for you when you ask a WooCommerce question, you’ll also find some expert WooCommerce answers to solving your problem. But before that step, you may use the search bar to find similar answers from other users.

Since it’s an open platform, that may make you annoyed by seeing several posts from spammers and marketers. That said, be conscious of the information and links that you follow because it is likely to lead to a breach of your computer.

Despite this small hurdle, Quora can be another great resource for WooCommerce support for anyone, from beginner to pro. If you want to find a great alternative forum, then Stack Overflow ( mostly coding questions) or WooCommerce GitHub (codes, plugins, files) is a perfect choice for you to take into account consideration.

Local meetups

Do you like to have a meeting where you communicate with WooCommerce users face-to-face in your local area? Then, local Meetup is a great resource for you. It is a platform held by the WooCommerce groups in an attempt to share knowledge about WordPress as well as WooCommerce.

In order to celebrate a local meetup, you should look for the nearest WooCommerce community and join the activities. It will be a great place where you improve your skills and get answers to your questions.

How to join?

  • Sign up to create an account
  • Search your nearest community
  • Join the community and get the best you can.

If you can’t find a nearby WooCommerce Meetup group that meets your interests, you may consider starting your own Meetup group and arranging a meeting because it takes a long time to implement.

Who takes care of support for extensions purchased on WooCommerce

If you purchase a WooCommerce extension, you may find the information of the person being in charge of the extension on every single product page. Their own developers mostly handle the extensions. In WooCommerce, if the extensions are supported by WooCommerce engineers, they will be marked as “Handled by WooCommerce”. Or else, other extensions created by certified developers are marked as “Handled by [Partner]”.

If you have a problem needed to tackle, the query will be sent directly to the developer of that purchased extension. As for the WooCommerce team, they will get the answer back to you themselves. Or else the extension is handled by one of our certified extension developers, and your request will be sent directly to them. That guarantees that you get the answers you need as quickly as possible, from exactly the people that are best equipped to back you up.

Final words

The above is all the information we gave you about the WooCommerce support service as well as the simple practice of How to get WooCommerce support. We really hope that it works for you whenever you need help from technical experts.

If you need further support from us, we appreciate helping you as much as we can, to bring you the best experience.

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