How to Add Facebook Like Reactions to Your WordPress Posts

Facebook revealed recently the new “likes” reactions – emojis with which users will be able to show their love, joy, sorrow and anger in addition to standard likes. To select the desired emotion in a mobile application you need to hold down the button “Like” and in the full version – you move the cursor on the “Like” button to get all options.  These 5 new reactions expressing such emotions:

  • Love;
  • Laugh;
  • Surprise;
  • Sadness;

Thus, when the publication of the news feed will appear on which silly press “Like”, you can now press Love or Laugh. That is how users interact with the posts will be more diverse. No wonder that many users want to add these new Facebook like reactions to their WooCommerce themes.

What do Facebook like reactions mean for your website with WooCommerce themes?

You can organize the activity on your website with one of WooCommerce themes such as: “If this post will bring together 200” likes “and 100 “Super “, we’ll give a discount (open access to free lesson will present probes, in general, promise something exclusive)”. First of all the notifications you will see how the users “responded” to a post and not just “liked”.

Under each post (except for the total amount-like reactions) is also displayed three icons of the reactions that have been clicked on by users anymore.

If you click on the amount of like reactions on Facebook , you will see the pop-up window, a list of users and the response that put each of them. Also at the top you will see the amount of each of the set of reactions (click on it).

Moreover, this list can open any user. Just like you can go to any page and see a list of people to respond to other people’s posts.

This is another way to find a customer who is dissatisfied with your product, service, and expressed their displeasure by putting “outrageous response” often contact him to find out the problem and to eliminate its negative attitude towards your business.

In this case, click “Invite only admins” can see the pages in front of users. On the page, you can see other people’s buttons “Add to Friends”.

How to add Facebook like reactions to WooCommerce themes?

New Reactions on websites with WooCommerce themes can be placed just under the posts. Under the comments – it is impossible.

The statistics page in the section Posts by clicking on any post, you’ll get a detailed report of all the reactions, their number, and you will see how many reactions of all, only from the fans ( “to fast”) and how many of their friends.

All reactions are positive in terms of interaction algorithm Facebook. Negative actions are still only “Hide Post”, “Hide all”, “Unsubscribe”, “Report Spam”. So rest assured that no matter what the reaction of the user put, this is a positive signal for Facebook.

In the section “Scope” in the diagram is now displayed instead of the likes on the day – the sum of all responses by day.

It is logical that Facebook will begin to consider what your fans like, funny that they resent, and on the basis of these data will display them more those positions that cause a positive reaction bright.

With the DW Reactions module we can include the Facebook like responses. To do that you have to introduce module first from your WooCommerce theme tab, or on the off chance that you do not know how to introduce WordPress module. So once you have introduced the module, you need to install a module, after you initiated the module, go to your settings, There you will see another tab called “responses” click on that to design the module, If you need to show the module on beneath rather than above, So you can set the settings there. Also, you can include the module utilizing the shortcode [reactions]. Presently go to your post there you will see the Reaction button.

If these advices for adding FaceBook like reactions in your WordPress themes and WooCommerce templates are not enough, find other solutions on our forum.

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