How to Add Attachment File Type Icons in WordPress

Particular WordPress Hosting suggests to our readers How to supplement an affection data set class ikons in WordPress

Have you seen internet sites that presents file icons beside the download links? Lately one of the users had a question for us. Is it probable to demonstrate affection data set icons in WordPress? The question is right here. Yes it is, and it’s rather easily. In this article, our specialists will explain to you how to append affection file icons in WordPress.

Appending file style icons for attachments in WordPress

When do you need to attach file icons in WordPress?

By preterition, WordPress permits you to upload pictures, audio, video, and another documents. You can either permit further file types to be uploaded in WordPress.

When you upload a file over the media uploader and append it to a fast or page, WordPress will attempt to insert the file if it is a picture, audio, video, or in a maintained format of the file.

For all second files, it will simply append a file name as common text and link it to the download or affection page. Text links for affections with no icons for the type of the file

Before screenshot, we have supplemented a PDF and a Docx file. However, it is arduous for the users to conjecture what file they are downloading.

If you regularly upload various types of files, so you may require to display an icon succeeding to the link, so people can readily retrieve the type of the file they were looking for.

Now, let’s spot how to append affection file icons in WordPress for varied types of the files.

Technique 1: Adding affected icons of the files in WordPress using Plug-in

First of all you need to do the installation and activation of the MimeTypes Link Icons plug-in. If you want to look on instruction and see something new, you need to read our step guide about installing a plug-in of WordPress. After the process of activating, user has to visit folder Settings, open the MimeType Icons page to do the configuration of plug-in settings.

The settings of the MimeType Link Icon

This special plug-in permits you to select an icon size. You can either select among png and gif icons. After that, you have to select the icon leveling and what types of the file will be map on the icon.

Below the forward versions, you can allow CSS classes to conceal the icons. File download links packaged in these CSS classes won’t present the icons.

Innovative adjustment

In the future you will detect the option to present the size of the file following to the download link. It is shutted off by reserved, as it could be resource intenced. However, if you want, you can allow it and either allows the option to ‘Cache extracted file sizes’.

Don’t lose to click on the maintain changes key to preserve your facility. You can presently redact a fast or page and append a file download link with th help of media uploader. Announce your post and you will see the icon of the file alongside the download link. Affection links with file style icons

Technique 2: Using icon fonts for affected files in WordPress

In this technique, we will utilize an icon fount to display an icon against affection file link. First of all user should do the installation and activation of the Better font awesome plug-in. After activation, you can redact a post or page where you decide to append an affection link. You will observe the new ‘Insert Icon’ key on top of post editor. Clicking on it will display a pop-up where you can look and choose the icon that you want to add.

Paste the icon into your WordPress post. Fount Awesome comes with tons of icons and has icons for the most generally used types of files. Click on the icon that you want to append and the plug-in will automatically append the essential shortcode in the redactor post. Now you can upload your data set and paste into post with the help of media uploader. Add affection links.

You can either supplement your personal custom CSS for a file icon by appending your personal css class to the shortcod, for example:

[icon name=”file-pdf-o” class=”” unprefixed_class=”pdf-icon”]

You can already utilize.pdf-icon class to vary icon size, blossom, and style it to your proper needs. Font icons utilized as affection file type icons. We expect this article will help you understand how to add attachment file icons in WordPress.

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