12 Best Oberlo Alternatives for WooCommerce

With the introduction of Oberlo, dropshipping has become a more pleasurable and relaxed process. It allows you to quickly find trustworthy suppliers on AliExpress, as well as import and edit products directly into your online store.

The problem here is that Oberlo only works with Shopify, so if you’re using or prefer WooCommerce, you’ll need to find another option. Thankfully, there is a wide range of Oberlo alternatives for WooCommerce, and we’ll show you the 12 Best Oberlo Alternatives For WooCommerce”.

Overview about Oberlo

Oberlo is a dropshipping app that helps you seek out popular products to add to your store. Oberlo allows you to import any AliExpress goods into your store. This implies that the product, description, photographs, and other details will be copied to your website, but you are capable of altering this to make the copy and photography more appropriate for your store’s theme.

Using the Oberlo app that makes you add products to your dropshipping store much easier. All you need to do to let it work is following these steps:

  • Setup a Shopify store
  • Install Oberlo from the Shopify App Store
  • Open Oberlo
  • Choose a product you like
  • Add it to your store

Why do we need to seek out alternatives for WooCommerce?

It’s quite frustrating to find that Oberlo only works with Shopify. Therefore, you need an Oberlo alternative if you want to use WooCommerce and WordPress for dropshipping.

In addition, the Oberlo app is charged on a monthly basis, with the base subscription costing $29.90 per month and there are also several limitations to their free beginning plan. On the free plan, for example, you are limited to 50 orders each month.

Those are two primary reasons pushing you to find another substitute for Oberlo and we’re here to guide you through 12 robust alternatives.

12 Best Oberlo Alternatives For WooCommerce

1. AliDropship Woo

The AliDropship Woo is known as the WooCommerce version of the popular AliDropship plugin that’s currently the best WordPress dropshipping plugin.

The AliDropship Woo plugin offers seamless connectivity with AliExpress, as well as easy product import and fulfillment on AliExpress. The plugin supports you to run a semi-automated dropshipping business, with the plugin doing the majority of the labor.

Outstanding features:

  • Allow to auto-search and import products in a second.
  • Have the right to choose from an unlimited range of products
  • Provide users with the auto-update system
  • Be able to edit product images and descriptions automatically
  • Integrate ePacket shipping filter to enhance customer experience

Price: AliDropship Woo comes in different packages:

  • The Basic plan ($299)
  • Advanced Plan ($399)
  • Ultimate Plan ($899)
  • Supreme Package ($2899)

2. Dropship. Me

Dropship.Me is regarded as a WooCommerce plugin that allows you to assess winning handpicked products for dropshipping. The plugin eliminates the hassle of manually searching for winning products and editing product descriptions.

The majority of the work has already been done for you; all you have to do now is import your favorite products and publish them to your dropshipping store.

Outstanding features:

  • Search and import products super easily
  • Visit AliExpress after importing your winning products
  • Winning products handpicked by experts
  • Import product ratings and reviews
  • Import setting helps create categories, import with the recommended price, etc.

Price: Now, let’s take a look at the various packages:

  • 50 Products Import (Free Package)
  • 100 Products Import ($29)
  • 500 Products Import ($119)
  • 1000 Products Import ($199)

3. WooDropship

WooDropship is a popular WooCommerce dropshipping plugin that integrates with AliExpress seamlessly. With a single click of the button, you may import and fulfill orders on AliExpress. It functions similarly to the AliDropship plugin.

Outstanding features:

  • Provide Google Chrome extension
  • Be able to automatically fulfill orders
  • Import AliExpress product with one-click
  • Offer bulk price updates
  • Auto-fill customized checkout form

Price: We can take a look at the different packages:

  • Free plan: $0.00
  • Basic plan: $14
  • Ultimate plan: $49

4. Spocket

Spocket WooCommerce is another excellent WooCommerce plugin that is considered the second-best alternative to Oberlo. Spocket allows starting a dropshipping business with a supplier base in the United States and the European Union, with shipping times ranging from 2 to 14 days.

In addition, this plugin allows you to do everything that Oberlo lets you to do, plus more because you’ll have access to premium features not available on Oberlo.

Outstanding features:

  • Provide a huge catalog of products
  • Import product with one-click
  • Fulfill products automatically
  • Automate your store’s entire pricing process by pricing Mark-Up
  • Adding an invoice to your product package by Branded Invoicing

Price: Spocket provides users with a variety of packages:

  • Free plan: $0/mo
  • Starter plan: $24/mo (offer the 14-day trial)
  • Pro plan: $ 49/mo (offer the 14-day trial)
  • Empire plan: $99/mo (offer the 14-day trial)

5. Ezusy

Ezusy is noted as the best option if you want to import AliExpress products to your WordPress-powered WooCommerce store. It’s simple to customize your products before adding them to your store using Ezusy. You also don’t have to manually place orders on AliExpress, as it will do it for you automatically.

Outstanding features:

  • Filter products with EPacket
  • Customize the product in Ezusy Dashboard
  • Update inventory and price automatically
  • Include pricing rules
  • Push all variations to include images to your shop

Price: Ezusy offers simple and flexible Prices

  • Free Plan: $0/m
  • Basic Plan: $9.90/m
  • Pro Plan: $19.90/m
  • Unlimited: $29.90/m

6. Ali2Woo

Ali2Woo enables you to integrate your WooCommere store directly with AliExpress. Thanks to this plugin, you can also import products and fulfill orders on AliExpress with just a few clicks.

Ali2Woo is a subscription-based plugin, which means you must pay a monthly price to use their service.

Outstanding features:

  • Easily add products from AliExpress directly to your online store
  • Import product review from AliExpress
  • Integrate price & inventory automation
  • Set price & inventory automatically
  • Provide translate & multi-currency option

Price: The AliDropship plugin only goes for a one-time fee of $89.

Dropified is yet another fantastic Oberlo option that works with WooCommerce. This plugin is quite powerful, and it includes some of the most advanced features to help you succeed in your dropshipping business.

You don’t even need to search for things separately here. It will notify you whenever a new product is added to the store. You’ll also be alerted to pricing changes.

Outstanding features:

  • Allow you to monitor your business stats
  • Ensure a much faster delivery time by US dropship database
  • Sync existing products
  • Include dropified chrome extension
  • Built-in shipment tracking

Price: Dropified offers a free trial and pricing starts at $47.00 per feature per month.


The DROPSHIX WooCommerce dropshipping plugin allows you to import products from AliExpress, Amazon US, Banggood, and Adihara. It, like AliDropship and WooDropship, has a Chrome extension. You can select products and import them directly from the supplier’s website using the Chrome extension. It also includes a dashboard that allows you to monitor and measure every aspect of your business, including product statistics and tracking.

Outstanding features:

  • Provide cloud monitoring system
  • Include multiple source marketplaces like AliExpress, Amazon US, Banggood and Adihara
  • Offer automatic ordering tool
  • Enable to import product categories and reviews
  • Track shipping status

Price: Now let’s take a look at the various packages:

  • Sell only 15 items (Free Package)
  • Sell 1,250 Items ($12.49)
  • Sell 2,500 Items ($19.99)
  • Sell 4,500 Items ($59.99)

9. Printful

The Printful plugin allows you to completely personalize any of the things with your own unique designs, which is very useful for artists and creators who wish to sell products with their own unique designs. Unlike the rest of the AliExpress-integrated services, Printful is pretty similar to Spocket. They have their own marketplace, which helps you to get your stuff delivered faster.

Outstanding features:

  • Provide White-label fulfillment
  • Be able to design services
  • Add order automatically
  • Offer ready-made integrations
  • Offer Printful app

Price: Printful doesn’t charge any setup or monthly subscription fees. Instead, you have to pay for the service every single time you process an order.

10. Beeketing

Beeketing is a WooCommerce extension that makes it simple to enhance your store’s sales. You may use a variety of features with this plugin to increase your earnings. It has a Facebook chat option, a countdown cart, and the ability to add coupon codes for discounts to entice customers to buy your stuff.

Outstanding features:

  • Tracks down a customer’s journey with Personal Recommendation
  • Know your customers’ interest
  • Send notifications of recent purchases by Sales pops
  • Allow your customer to contact you via Facebook messenger by Quick Facebook
  • Grow your social followers by Better Coupon Box

Price: Beeketing has the following pricing plans:

  • Starting from: $19.00.
  • Pricing model: Free, One Time License.
  • Free Trial: Available.

Rating: 4.8/5

11. WooCommerce Dropshippers

WooCommerce Dropshippers is a feature-rich and fully-functional dropshipping solution that integrates seamlessly with your WooCommerce-enabled WordPress website. This plugin allows you to quickly manage your business from your WordPress dashboard and drop shippers to communicate information about any shipment to the store’s administrator.

The admin panel also allows you to keep track of your sales and follow a product’s shipment and ensure that the drop shipper delivered it on schedule.

Outstanding features:

  • Set a “Dropshipper price” for every product
  • Send the admin information about the tracking number, shipping date, etc
  • Allow you to monitor their sales directly from the dashboard
  • Be able to notify the store admin of the completed operation
  • Can look at and see how many dropshippers completed or evaded the order

Price: $26 is the starting price that WooCommerce Dropshippers offer.

12. WooCommerce Dropshipping

WooCommerce Dropshipping is a terrific store management tool that makes dropshipping much easier. This application can be used to administer your store, alert suppliers when a purchase is made through your store, import inventory, and more. It also allows you to categorize your products according to their suppliers.

If a product is purchased, your supplier will receive an email notification. You may also create a PDF packing slip for your customers. When the purchase is made, this file can be added to the notification email.

Outstanding features:

  • Be capable of managing a dropshipping store
  • Allow setting profit margins for AliExpress products
  • Import inventory per supplier quickly
  • Provide custom emails, packaging slips, and invoices for suppliers and customers
  • The supply tracking number of products to the client

Price: Pricing for the plugin starts from $49 for a single site license with 1 year of support and updates.

Final Words

Those are some highlight recommendations that you can take a look at to make a decision. All of the above WooCommerce plugins work perfectly fine. But it is not necessary to use all of them as you need the best alternative that quickly scales your business.

We highly appreciated that the best pick for this would be the AliDropship Woo Plugin and the Spocket WooCommerce plugin, although they differ in functionality and features.


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